5th HomomorphicEncryption.org Standards Meeting

September 1-2, 2022, Geneva, Switzerland, hosted at the ITU-T premises.

Based on the success of our previous standards meetings, and the founding of the HomomorphicEncryption.org group, we are pleased to announce the 5th HomomorphicEncryption.org Workshop. The workshop is targeted at application developers, security practitioners, and homomorphic encryption experts. Along with technical standards discussions, the program also includes sessions on software tools for developing and benchmarking homomorphic encryption solutions, hardware acceleration approaches, and industry applications of homomorphic encryption. The workshop is also a great place for PhD students to meet representatives from industry and academia. 

We are glad to be back to in-person meetings as we are coming out of the pandemic.

Registrations are closed. See you in Geneva!

Date: September 1-2, 2022
Registration site open: July 11th
Poster/Demo submission deadline: August 1st
Notification of acceptance: August 5th
Registration deadline: August 26th, 12:00 CEST
Location:  ITU facilities (Rue de Varembé 2, 1202 Geneve) (Google maps). 

ITU’s headquarters in Geneva


Registrations are closed. Contact the organizing committee if you have any questions hes2020@homomorphicencryption.org.


Organizing Committee.  Juan R. Troncoso-Pastoriza (Tune Insight SA), Mariya Georgieva (Inpher), and Bastiaan Quast (International Telecommunication Union (UN))

Steering Committee. Kristin Lauter (Facebook), Vinod Vaikuntanathan (MIT/Duality Technologies), Kim Laine (Microsoft), Kurt Rohloff (NJIT/Duality Technologies), Jung Hee Cheon (Seoul National University/CryptoLab), Shai Halevi (Algorand Foundation), Lily Chen (observer, NIST)


The meeting will be divided into two days, starting on September 1st:

September 1st

12:00-13:00Registration and poster set up
13:00-13:15Intro and welcome
13:15-14:15Software tools and libraries (I)
HEaaN: Encrypted Computation Library. Junbum Shin (CryptoLab)
An overview of the Concrete Framework. Damien Ligier, Ilaria Chillotti (Zama)
FHE Transpiler by Google. Shruthi Gorantala (Google)
14:15-14:30Coffee break
14:30-15:50Software tools and libraries (II)
HE libraries and software tools. Martin Zuber (CEA)
OpenFHE library. Yuriy Polyakov (Duality)
GenoPPML framework for an end-to-end privacy-preserving genomics ML. Mariya Georgieva, Sergiu Carpov, Nicolas Gama, Dimitar Jetchev (Inpher)
Tune Insight’s distributed analytics platform and the Lattigo library. Jean-Philippe Bossuat, Juan R. Troncoso-Pastoriza (Tune Insight)
15:50-16:05Coffee break
16:05-16:35HEBench – A framework for benchmarking HE workloads. The Homomorphic Encryption Benchmarking Community. Flavio Bergamaschi, Ernesto Zamora Ramos (Intel)
16:35-17:05Upcoming competitions in HE
iDash: A community’s effort to benchmark and accelerate the development of homomorphic encryption solutions to protect biomedical data sharing and analysis. Xiaoqian Jiang, Arif O.Harmanci (UTHealth), Miran Kim (Hanyang University)
FHE.org challenge. Pascal Paillier (Zama)
17:05-17:20HE Demos and posters lightning talks
17:20-17:30First day ending remarks
17:30-18:30Demo/Poster and networking session (poster list below)
19:30-22:00Welcome dinner and networking

September 2nd

8:00-9:00Registration and networking breakfast
9:00-9:15Intro and welcome
9:15-10:15Keynote talk
The past, present and future of FHE. Zvika Brakerski (Weizmann Institute of Science)
10:15-11:15Hardware computing platforms and acceleration for HE (I)
Hardware Acceleration of FHE. Pradip Bose, Omri
Soceanu, Nir Drucker, John Buselli (IBM)
Accelerating FHE with Silicon Photonics. Florent Michel (Optalysys)
Full circuit FHE acceleration on Cornami HW. Vineet Chadha (Cornami)
11:15-11:45Coffee break / posters / networking
11:45-12:50Hardware computing platforms and acceleration for HE (II)
DPRIVE: The rise of novel computing platforms for FHE. Rosario Cammarota (Intel), Kurt Rohloff (Duality)
Hardware acceleration for FHE. Ingrid Verbauwhede (KULeuven)
GPU acceleration of HE. Erkay Savas (Sabanchi University)
13:45-14:45Industry applications and use cases
PETs applications in Asia Pacific. Tim Scott (Deloitte Australia)
Contributions and Case Studies from the UN Privacy-Enhancing Technologies Task Team. Raphaël de Fondeville (UN PET Lab)
The use of PETs for data aggregation. Jihoon Cho, Kyoohyung Han (Samsung)
14:45-15:45Liaisons to standards communities
ISO Updates on the development of ISO/IEC JCT1 18033 – Part 8, FHE. Rosario Cammarota (Intel)
Toward recommendations for advanced cryptography. Luís Brandão (NIST/Strativia)
15:45-16:05Coffee Break / posters / networking
16:05-17:05Security and precision of FHE
Updates on FHE Security standardisation efforts. Rachel Player (RHUL)
Security on FHE. Nicolas Gama (SandboxAQ)
On the precision loss in approximate encryption. Anamaria Costache (NTNU)
17:05-17:35Status updates of the HE.org standards community
17:35-17:45Conclusions and next steps
17:45-18:00Sneak peek of the next meeting
18:00 Farewell

List of accepted posters

The accepted posters that will be presented during the poster session and coffee breaks are listed below:

Affordable and Practical Acceleration of CKKS-based Fully Homomorphic Encryption.
Rashmi Agrawal, Leo de Castro, Rabia Yazicigil, Anantha Chandrakasan, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Chiraag Juvekar, Ajay Joshi
Field Instruction Multiple Data.
Khin Mi Mi Aung, Enhui Lim, Jun Jie Sim, Benjamin Hong Meng Tan, Huaxiong Wang, Sze Ling Yeo
MOSFHET: Optimized Software for FHE over the Torus.
Antonio Guimarães, Edson Borin, and Diego F. Aranha
OpenFHE: Open-Source Fully Homomorphic Encryption Library.
Ahmad Al Badawi and Jack Bates and Flavio Bergamaschi and David Bruce Cousins and Saroja Erabelli and Nicholas Genise and Shai Halevi and Hamish Hunt and Andrey Kim and Yongwoo Lee and Zeyu Liu and Daniele Micciancio and Ian Quah and Yuriy Polyakov and Saraswathy R.V. and Kurt Rohloff and Jonathan Saylor and Dmitriy Suponitsky and Matthew Triplett and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Vincent Zucca
Multi-Key Homomorphic Encryption for Collaborative Camera Attribution.
Alberto Pedrouzo-Ulloa, Fernando Pérez-González, David Vázquez-Padín
PIE: p-adic Encoding for High-Precision Arithmetic using Homomorphic Encryption.
Gaetan Delavignette, Luke Harmon, Arnab Roy, David Silva
Practical Integrity Protection for FHE.
Christian Knabenhans, Alexander Viand, Anwar Hithnawi
The Lattigo library: Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption in Go.
Jean-Philippe Bossuat, Christian Mouchet, Juan R. Troncoso-Pastoriza
Secure Collaborative Design of Experiments with Homomorphic Encryption.
Jin Chao, Khin Mi Mi Aung, Zhang Xin
An FHE-based framework to help Catalan Social Entities.
Sergi Rovira, Vanesa Daza
HECO: Automatic Code Optimizations for Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption.
Alexander Viand, Patrick Jattke, Miro Haller, Anwar Hithnawi

Logistics and accommodation

ITU is located at the Places des Nations (Square of Nations), which is a stop on many bus lines and the main tramline 15. The recommended hotels that are close to ITU or close to a stop on the tramline 15 (or a direct bus to Place des nations) are:

  • Intercontinental Geneve, 7-9, Chemin du Petit-Saconnex, 1211 Genève (Google)
  • Warwick Geneva, Rue de Lausanne 14, 1201 Genève (Google)
  • Hotel Ibis Genève Centre Lac, Rue de Berne 26, 1201 Genève (Google)
  • Hotel Ibis Geneve Centre Nations, Rue du Grand-Pré 33-35, 1201 Genève (Google)
  • Hotel Novotel Geneve Centre, Rue de Zurich 19, 1201 Genève (Google)
  • Hotel Cornavin, Boulevard James-Fazy 23, 1201 Genève (Google)

Notable lakeside hotels (with less direct public transport connections) are:

  • President Wilson Hotel, Quai Wilson 47, 1211 Genève (Google)
  • Grand Hotel Kempinski, Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, 1201 Genève (Google)
  • Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Quai des Bergues 33, 1201 Genève (Google)
  • Mandarin Oriental, Quai Turrettini 1, 1201 Genève (Google)

Geneva is a very compact city (<200K inhabitants), with a very high quality public transportation system, trams run about every 3 minutes during commuting hours.

Upon arrival at the Geneva airport, in the baggage hall, there next to the exit point there are machines that give out free public transport tickets. These machines give out tickets that are valid on all public transport in Geneva for 80 minutes (trams, buses, trains, boats).

The easiest way to get to Geneva city from the airport to the city is using the trains that depart from the airport. All trains go via Geneva main station, which is the first stop, called Genève-Cornavin (~7 minutes).

Call for Posters and Demos

We would like to invite you to submit a poster and/or demo to the event, to showcase your latest advances in HE and its applications. We will have a dedicated space to show these posters and demos, so that you can interactively present them to the audience during the networking sessions.

Poster and demo submissions are now closed.


If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee at hes2020@homomorphicencryption.org or the HomomorphicEncryption.org steering committee at contact@homomorphicencryption.org. As this will be an interactive workshop, we will try to have opportunities for participants to share information that is relevant and appropriate to the goal of approving a standard for parameter selection for homomorphic encryption. Please send us an email if you have something you would like to propose to present at the workshop.


This meeting is proudly sponsored by: