We are developing a community standard for homomorphic encryption based on three white papers created by the standards’ meetings’ participants. The three white papers addressed Security, API, and Applications of homomorphic encryption. After a public comment period, including review by leading members of the community, the security white paper was publicly endorsed by many leading security experts at the second standardization workshop, resulting in the first version of the Homomorphic Encryption Standard. Today, this document provides scheme descriptions, a detailed explanation of their security properties, and tables for secure parameters. Future versions of the standard may describe a standard API and a programming model for homomorphic encryption.

Download the standard

Download the Homomorphic Encryption Security Standard (November 21, 2018) [pdf]

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DRAFT Standard Update

Every standards meeting we discuss potential updates to the standard.  This Google doc is a candidate update to the standard which contains mostly small updates.  We solicit comments on this draft update which we hope to vote on at future meetings. (January 7, 2019) [Google doc]

Download old versions of the standard

Download the Homomorphic Encryption Security Standard (March 16, 2018) [pdf]